Malaysia GST Audit

Malaysia GST Audit

GST Audit


The Goods & Services Tax (Repeal) Act 2018 which took effect on 1 September 2018 provides that any repayments of input tax due may be subject to verification, audit or investigation before refund. The Malaysian Customs have also been conducting GST close-out audits to check the accuracy of GST returns made since the GST was repealed.

We have advised and assisted many businesses, amongst which are large multinationals based in the Penang Free Zones, in managing the audit process. In our experiences, we found that setting up a right team to liaise with the authorities and engaging relevant professional help from the start of the audit usually brings better end results for the business. It is most important that the Customs gets a clear understanding of the underlying transactions of the business and the GST treatment accorded.

We provide the following services:

  • Conducting health check of GST records;
  • Preparing the Client for the GST audit;
  • Attending meetings with the authorities pre commencement of audit and be present during the duration of field audits to help;
  • Attending audit exit meetings to finalise audit findings;
  • Drafting of appeals and attending meetings with intend to obtain resolution.

The above is not exhaustive, do reach out to us to discuss on actions steps should you be selected for audits.



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