The claiming of input tax is often a manual process although the capturing of information on the supplier’s tax invoice can be automated with the use of technology like optical character recognition (“OCR)” software.

Hence, the accounts payable (“AP”) team of a company plays an important role for GST compliance because they are the one who decides whether the GST is claimable on the supplier’s tax invoice. 

The question is: As the transactions get voluminous, how do you know that the accounts payable team is making the correct decision for GST purposes?  Or more importantly, what are the controls and checks that you can put in place to prevent and detect errors on input tax before the quarterly GST return is submitted?

JedTax is pleased to organise a two days advance course on input tax claims for the accounts payable team, the internal auditor and the reviewer of the GST return.  The objective of this course is to introduce the best practices amongst multi-national companies so that the GST risks on input tax claims can be mitigated.

Day 1

Day 2



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