Have you ever come across a situation where the topics covered in a GST workshop (e.g. export documents, input tax, fringe benefits, imports etc) are relevant to different departments (e.g. logistic, accounts payable, human resource and finance etc) in your organisation? You feel like sending all of them to the GST workshop but you are afraid that they will get bored and their time is wasted when the trainer shares about topics that are not relevant to their work?

Or you have specific GST scenarios/issues that you want to share and educate but the generic GST workshop may not have that specific topics that you have in mind?

Lastly, you have the budget to send 20 of your employees and you want to maximise the benefits of the GST training by customising the topics that are relevant to your company?

JedTax is pleased to provide a customised in-house GST training for your organisation. Having a structured and regular training incorporated is part of a good tax risk management framework.

JedTax adopts the following approach for the customised in-house GST training:

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